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Nice to meet you

I'm Sandra and this is Coco. I am originally from Colombia, but I've been living in the US for 9+ years. I'm a Product Designer at Warner Media with a background in Psychology and a full-time Daydreamer.


Sometime after college my career took a different direction from Psychology and I started working in the HR field. Not long after that, I realized I needed to make a change to give a better use of my skills and abilities and work on something I felt passionate about. Thus, I left my job and enrolled at Ironhack's School of Design to learn how to design engaging products and experiences that would truly be valuable for us, the users. Through my career I’ve learned the importance of research to empathize and design in an intuitive and accessible way for the user. My goal is to combine my experience and knowledge to help organizations scale by putting people’s needs at the center.


I am passionate about design and human development. I love problem-solving and thoughtful designs. I enjoy working collaboratively across teams, and I am always eager to learn and meet great people.

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